Works Published by AMI Faculty and Graduates

Since the inception of Al-Mahdi Institute in 1993 its faculty, graduates, press and affiliated centres have published various works that provide access to cutting edge research and Islamic scholarship in the English language. Sharing a general underlying theme of exploring the relationship between religion and society, these works range from original and translated monographs and research papers that provide a critical insight into the scholarly heritage of Muslim religious thought, to articles and essays originating from faculty and graduate participation at various internal and external workshops, conferences and seminars.

Please note that whilst AMI recognises the immense value of allowing the expression of a diverse range of views, ideas, and interpretations, the opinions expressed in these publications must be understood as belonging to the author alone.

The following is a list of works that AMI’s faculty, graduates, AMI Press, and its affiliated centres have published:

(Last updated 23 March 2022)

Animal Sacrifice at HajjICCI2022
Fasting and COVID-19 VaccinationICCI2021
COVID Test whilst FastingICCI2021
Prostration (Sajda)ICCI2020
Gathering to Commemorate Imam Husayn (as) during COVID-19ICCI2020
Fasting during Covid-19ICCI2020
Length of FastingICCI2019
Length of FastingICCI2019
Fasting whilst PregnantICCI2019
Fasting and MedicationICCI2019
Fasting whilst NursingICCI2019
Fasting and ChildrenICCI2019
Fasting whilst IllICCI2019
Fasting HealthilyICCI2019
A Woman’s Right to DivorceICCI2018
Eating Food from Non-MuslimsICCI2018
Age of PubertyICCI2018
Determining the New MonthICCI2017
Time of MaghribICCI2017
Towards the utility of a wider range of evidence in the derivation of Sharīʿa precepts: paradigm shift in contemporary Uṣūlī epistemology (PhD)Hashim Bata2013
Reassessing the Pivotal Role of Certainty in Modern Shīʿī Uṣūlī Legal Method: A Case for Accepting a Wider Range of Evidence in the Inference of Sharīʿa PreceptsHashim Bata2019
Approaches to Female Covering in ShariaArif Abdulhussain & Hashim Bata2021
Approaches to Supplication (duʿāʾ)Arif Abdulhussain & Hashim Bata2021
Ensoulment and the Prohibition of Abortion in IslamArif Abdulhussain2016
Autonomy and ‘Lack of Harm’Arif Abdulhussain
The Conflict between the Actual and Apparent RegulationsArif Abdulhussain
A Functional Interpretation of Zakat and the Inclusion of Contemporary Taxation as its Legitimate FormArif Abdulhussain2020
Islam and God Centricity: A Theological Basis for Human LiberationArif Abdulhussain2018
Islam and God Centricity: Reassessing Fundamental Theological AssumptionsArif Abdulhussain2019
Islam and God Centricity: Examining the Articles of FaithArif Abdulhussain2020
Islam and God Centricity: Plurality and Mutability of ReligionArif Abdulhussain2022
Islam and God Centricity (Urdu)Arif Abdulhussain Trans. Dr Muhammad Khalid
Religious Tax as a Source of Income for Religious StudyAli Fanaei2020
Reviving Taʿlīf: Strategic Charity to Counter the Rise of the Far RightJaffer Ladak2020
Principles of Islamic JurisprudenceTranslated by Arif Abdulhussain2003
Deriving Sharia Regulations Within an Existential Hermeneutical FrameworkArif Abdulhussain2019
Uṣūlī Exegesis of 9:122: A Potential Quranic Justification for Collective Ijtihad and Consultative TaqlidM. Ghari Seyed Fatemi and Ali-Reza Bhojani2019
Towards the Hermeneutics of a Justice-Oriented Reading of SharīʿaAli-Reza Bhojani2019
From Theory to Practice: The Role of the Subject in the Derivation of Rulings and Its Potential in Creating a System of Case Law for the Operation of Shīʿī LawImranali Panjwani2019
The Role of the Quran in Legal Reasoning (Ijtihād): A Shīʿī PerspectiveRahim Nobahar2019
Moral Rationalism and Shari'a: Independent rationality in modern Shi'i usul al-FiqhAli-Reza Bhojani2019
Al-Sayyid ʿAlī al-Ḥusaynī al-Sīstānī on Uṣūl al-fiqh in Twelver Shīʿī Thought: Its Importance and Historical PhasesAli-Reza Bhojani2019
Naṣīr al-Dīn al-Ṭūsī and the Avicennan Tradition: Metaphysics and Mental ExistenceWahid M. Amin2016
Quṭb al-Dīn al-Rāzī and the Problem of Universals: A Fourteenth-Century Critique of Avicenna’s Theory of Natural UniversalsWahid M. Amin2019
From the One, Only One Proceeds: The Post-Classical Reception of a Key Principle of Avicenna’s MetaphysicsWahid M. Amin2020
Tafsīr al-ʿAyyāshī: A Fourth/Tenth Century Shīʿī Commentary on the QurʾānWahid M. Amin (editor), Nazmina Dhanji (translator)2020
The Efficacy of Financial Structures for Islamic Taxes and Dues: Proceedings of the 7th AMI Annual Contemporary Fiqhī Issues Workshop, 4–5th July 2019.Wahid M. Amin (editor)2019
Kitāb al-Tawḥīd: The Book of Divine UnityAli Adam (translator), Michael Mumisa (editor), Mahmood Dhalla (editor)2013
Previous revelationsDIA2020
Salvation for non-MuslimsDIA2020
Who is a MuslimDIA2020
Lady Aisha’s age at marriageDIA2020
Debts of the deceasedDIA2020
Temporary marriageDIA2020
Sunni-Shia marriageDIA2020
Organ donationDIA2020
Islamic territoriesDIA2020
Law of the landDIA2020
Female circumcisionDIA2020
Marital rapeDIA2020
Tax fraudDIA2020
Ihram and HajjDIA2020
Age of bulughDIA2020
Women’s right to divorceDIA2020
Zakat DistributionDIA2020
Muslim and non-Muslim marriageDIA2020
Shaking handsDIA2020
Selling alcoholDIA2020
Interest from banksDIA2020
Child marriageDIA2020
Religious greetings and gatheringsDIA2020
Non-Muslim foodDIA2020
Covid 19 and funeralsDIA2020
Covid 19 and JumaDIA2020
Attending mixed gatheringsDIA2020
Mixed gender educationDIA2020
Mixed gender employmentDIA2020
Friendship with the opposite genderDIA2020
Islamic view on cursingDIA2020
Stunned meatDIA2021
Finality of prophethoodDIA2021
Human milk product for infantsDIA2021
Intellectual property and copyrightDIA2021
Extremism and TerrorismDIA2022
Islam and Previous scripturesDIA2022
Solitary reports and details of the articles of faithDIA2022
Animal RightsDIA2022
Sex reassignment surgeryDIA2022
Authentication of the Four Canonical BooksWajee Shah2018
Alone with the Beloved: The Words of ʿAlī b. al-Ḥusayn in The Ṣaḥīfa SajjādiyyaMahmood G. Dhalla2013