Professor Seyed Fatemi speaks about Muslim-Christian Relations in an Online Webinar hosted by Luke 10 and the Academy of Sciences of Iran

On 17th April 2024, AMI’s Professor Seyed Fatemi was invited to present his research in an online webinar on ‘Learning and Mutual Influences of Christians and Muslims’ organised by Luke 10 and The Academy of Sciences of Iran. Professor Seyed Fatemi spoke about ‘Muslim-Christian Interactions: Historical and Contemporary Trajectories’ amongst other invited speakers including; Ayatollah Professor Mohaghegh Damad, Professor Karen Armstrong, and Dr Carl W. Ernst.


Muslim-Christian Interactions: Historical and Contemporary Trajectories

My presentation intricately explores the dynamic relationship between Christians and Muslims, spanning historical epochs to contemporary times. It delves into the rich tapestry of interactions, from the Islamic Golden Age’s intellectual exchange to the architectural wonders blending Islamic and Christian aesthetics. Moreover, it emphasizes the pivotal role of religious dialogues in bridging divides and fostering cooperation, notwithstanding persistent conflicts and tensions rooted in historical legacies and contemporary issues. Within diaspora communities shaped by migration and globalization, opportunities for interfaith interaction abound, but so do challenges such as xenophobia and Islamophobia. In navigating these complexities, the talk proposes mystical virtue ethics, drawing inspiration from figures like Avicenna, as a common ground for promoting peaceful coexistence and understanding. By advocating for empathy, tolerance, and solidarity, it underscores the urgency of collective efforts to confront escalating conflicts and deepen divisions. In brief, it calls for a renewed commitment to dialogue and cooperation, recognizing the shared humanity and aspirations that bind Christians and Muslims together in a quest for a more harmonious and inclusive world.