To tackle the reality that the time constraints of modern life mean that it is not possible for everyone to read books as much as they’d like, AMI library has launched a new project: Video Book Reviews. Scholars, academics and authors are asked to review a book that they have personally enjoyed and would recommend to others. Short videos are produced which provide individuals with an overall appreciation of a variety of books, ranging from fiction to academic works.

Into the Wild

Reviewed by Sayyid Hussain Makke


Reviewed by Shaykh Jaffer Ladak

Scripturalist Islam

Authored and reviewed by Professor Rob Gleave

The Emergence of Modern Shi'ism

Authored and reviewed by Dr. Zackery Heern

Islamic Legal Orthodoxy

Authored and reviewed by Prof. Devin Stewart

Durūs fī ʿilm al-Rijal

Authored and reviewed by Sayed Hossein Qazwini

Contemplating the Quran

Authored and reviewed by Shaykh Ahmed Saad al Azhari

Sexual Violation in Islamic Law

Reviewed by Dr Omar Anchassi

Islam and the Challenge of Human Rights

Authored and Reviewed by Dr Abdulaziz Sachedina

Unsaying God

Reviewed by Yaser Mirdamadi

The New Testament in Muslim Eyes

Authored and reviewed by Dr Shabbir Akhtar

In Search of Ali ibn Abi Talib's Codex

Reviewed by Nazmina Dhanji

Islam & Liberalism

Reviewed by Shaykh Jaffer Ladak

The Heirs of the Prophet

Authored and reviewed by Dr Liyakat Takim

Islam and Law in Lebanon

Authored & Reviewed by Dr Morgan Clarke

Shia Minorities in the Contemporary World

Edited & Reviewed by Prof. Oliver Scharbrodt

A Secular Age

Reviewed by Dr. Christopher Pooya Razavian

Visions of Sharia

Edited & Reviewed by Dr. Ali Reza Bhojani

Ash'arism Encounters Avicennism: Sayf al-Dīn al-Āmidī on Creation

Authored and reviewed by Dr. Laura Hassan

Halal Meat Production & Market Opportunities

Authored and reviewed by Dr Awal Fuseini

The Khārijites in Early Islamic Historical Tradition: Heroes and Villains

Authored and reviewed by Dr. Hannah-Lena Hagemann

Opposing the Imām: The Legacy of the Nawāṣib in Islamic Literature

Authored and reviewed by Dr. Nebil Husayn

Islam as Power: Shi‛i Revivalism in the Oeuvre of Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah

Authored and reviewed by Dr Bianka Speidl

Transcendent God, Rational World: A Maturidi Theology

Authored and reviewed by Dr. Ramon Harvey

Agents of the Hidden Imam: Forging Twelver Shi‘ism, 850-950 CE

Authored and reviewed by Dr. Edmund Hayes

Leaving Iberia Islamic Law Christian Conquest North West Africa

Authored and reviewed by Dr Jocelyn Hendrickson


  1. User Avatar
    Zamina ali
    29th January 2019

    Would you have reviews of Karen’s Armstrongs books on the Prophetic Biography? Not even a video review I just want to know if her works would be based off of reliable narrations as I really don’t want to go in the wrong direction!

    • AMI Admin
      14th February 2019

      ”It all depends on what we consider as ‘reliable narrations’. The book has heavily relied on al-Sirat al-Nabawiyya of Ibn Ishaq, which is regarded as the first biography of the prophet.

      Overall, the book has taken a positive approach to the life and characteristics of the prophet, unlike many of the authors’ contemporaries among the orientalists.

      Here is an academic book review on Armstrong’s Muhammad; A Biography of the Prophet”.. https://almahdi.edu/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Armstrong-review-1.pdf

      Hope this helps.

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