University of Birmingham School Revisits AMI

For the second time in as many months, Al-Mahdi Institute hosted a group of young students from the neighbouring University of Birmingham School.

To facilitate the enrichment of the students and their understanding of different religions, AMI again opened its doors to pupils and staff members, after a similarly fruitful visit in December 2021.

Shaykh Mahmood Dhalla and Shaykh Muhammed Tajri gave the visitors a tour of the Institute, explaining its functions and operations as a religious place of worship and in furthering advanced learning and research.

The students visited the English and Arabic libraries and enjoyed a pleasant stroll through AMI’s scenic gardens. The visit culminated with the curious young minds asking intriguing questions in AMI’s beautiful Chapel about the Institute and about Islam generally. Questions were responded to by both Shaykh Dhalla and Shaykh Tajri.