Now Accepting Applications via the Transfer Student Scheme


AMI invites students who have prior experience of studying at an Islamic seminary or university to transfer to AMI’s Hawza Programme and obtain an MA in Islamic Studies from the University of Birmingham (part of the prestigious Russell Group of Universities).

The scheme welcomes applications from students at any stage of their studies and from any Islamic seminary or university from around the world. So whether you’ve completed your hawza studies or are just starting your journey, we can tailor your hawza experience to your needs!


How does the scheme work?


Students interested in transferring to AMI’s Hawza Programme will need to email our admissions team at [email protected] with their latest CV, a personal statement about their previous studies and career aspirations along with transcripts from their academic institution or hawza.



The admissions team will then arrange assessments and interviews for students to determine their level of study. Based on the results, students will be placed in one of the four levels of the Hawza Programme to complete the required 450 credits for entry on the MA programme.



Students who successfully obtain the required level of credits will receive a fully-funded scholarship to progress on to the MA programme at the University of Birmingham. The scholarship will provide full/part tuition fees, accommodation, and a monthly stipend.



Benefits of the Transfer Student Scheme

There are many benefits of transferring to AMI’s Hawza Programme via the Transfer Student Scheme, some of which include:

  • Access our full range of courses on the Hawza Programme from anywhere in the world and at your convenience to obtain the required credits.
  • Gain the academic writing and analytical skills required for postgraduate study and independent research.
  • Qualify with an internationally recognised MA degree from a Russell Group University such as the University of Birmingham (UoB).
  • Be part of a vibrant community of academics, researchers, and scholars during the residential scholarship at AMI, located only a short stroll away from UoB.
  • Open up multiple career pathways in academia, teaching, consultancy, leadership, and more on completion of the programme.


Get in touch

Interested in enhancing your hawza studies? Why not reach out to our admissions team for an informal call to discuss the next steps or email any further queries to: [email protected] 

Applications are open all year-round, offering flexibility to interested students. However, we strongly encourage those aiming for the MA programme to reach out to our admissions team at the earliest opportunity to expedite the process of becoming an AMI student.


Student Testimonial

Raised in the UAE, Syed Imran Taqavi embarked on a unique educational journey that has shaped his scholarly pursuits. In 2003, he made a pivotal decision to relocate to Qom, Iran at the age of 18 where his initial years were dedicated to mastering Persian, classical Arabic, theology and jurisprudence. In 2011, a two-year hiatus led him to Damascus, Syria, where he focused on studying Modern Standard Arabic, alongside ḥadīth and fiqh in the renowned Sayyida Zaynab area. Returning to Qom, he pursued a degree in Philosophy and Mysticism while attending advanced lessons (baḥth khārij) led by prominent mujtahids in fiqh and uṣūl al-fiqh.

He then transferred to AMI via the Transfer Student Scheme in March 2022 with the aim of suplementing his previous hawza studies with an MA degree in Islamic Studies at the University of Birmingham (UoB). Having completed the majority of his hawza studies already, Imran was able to transfer seamlessly on to AMI’s Hawza Programme by completing only a handful of level 3 and 4 modules required to obtain the neccesary 450 credits for entry on the MA programme. Imran successfully completed the required credits and received a full AMI scholarship in addition to a scholarship from UoB covering 75% of his tuition fees. Since completing the MA at UoB, Imran has lectured at several Islamic centres whilst also being actively involved in AMI’s events and activities. His unwavering commitment to his studies and his extensive knowledge position him to make significant contributions to the study of Islam.

“I have had the good fortune of attending and also visiting different Islamic academic and educational institutions and seminaries in Qom, Najaf, and Damascus. To come to Al-Mahdi Institute has been an enlightening experience. I have benefited a great deal due to their collaboration with the University of Birmingham, such that the module layout, along with their respective readings, allowed me to engage with various academic texts in English language. The faculty is very friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. The libraries in Birmingham have a great collection of books on many topics of interest in various languages.”


How to apply? 

Students who wish to transfer to AMI’s Hawza Programme via the Transfer Students Scheme can apply by completing the application form below. Students will also need to submit the following documents to [email protected] on completion of the application form.

  • A latest CV
  • Personal statement about their previous studies at an Islamic seminary or university and their career aspirations
  • Transcripts from their previous Islamic seminary or university in English