AMI Press publishes second volume in The Collected Writings of al-ʿAllāma al-Ḥillī series

We are delighted to announce the publication of the second volume in the Collected Writings of al-ʿAllāma al-Ḥillī series. The volume entitled ‘The Way of Nobility: Knowledge of the Imam’ is a translation of Ḥillī’s ‘Minhāj al-karāma fī maʿrifat
al-imāma’ by Professor Saiyad Ahmad.

Apparently authored for the Mongol ruler Öljeitü Khān, it is one of the most celebrated works in favour of the Shīʿī belief in the imāma. The book is available to purchase on Amazon and will be available for purchase on all popular distribution channels in the next few days, including AMI Press.