The Oxford Muslim-Christian Summer School

In August AMI student Sekou and AMI graduate Sister Farhana attended the Oxford Muslim-Christian Summer School, the aim of which is a residential week of shared study between Muslims and Christians, in which we explore our differences with integrity and respect.

The programme is designed for men and women who are currently, or have recently finished, studying at Christian or Islamic theological colleges training for vocational, faith-based careers in the UK, and who hope one day to be leaders within their local communities.

This is what some of the paricipants had to say about it:

“We had a packed and very structured timetable, we would have breakfast together then have a lecture on comparative themes from history followed a seminar on reading sacred texts together with a coffee break in between. We would then all go for lunch and come back in the afternoon for a workshop on contemporary issues where we would discuss issues such as poverty, animal extinction global warming… Following the workshop, we would have tutorials then dinner in the evening followed by some group activities. As part of the programme we all went to the Friday prayer and to the church on Sunday; we also visited the Bodleian library where we had the privilege to see old manuscripts (Qur’an & Bible) dating from the early centuries after the death of prophet Jesus and prophet Muhammad.

I found it beneficial, I have always had many questions about Christianity at the back of head, but I never had to opportunity to discuss them. The CMCS offers the right platform where we could discuss anything and everything in a safe and academic environment”

For more about this course visit the Christian-Muslim Summer school website here