Tafsir of Surah al-A’raf by Shaykh Arif Abdulhussain

Held over nine weeks, Shaykh Arif Abdulhussain delivered a series of Tafsir classes focusing on Surah al-A’raf (The heights). The classes started from the 5th April 2016 to 31st May 2016 and attracted both in-house students and online students via a live Youtube stream.

The course covered the first 102 verses of Surah al-A’raf and provided students with a thorough understanding of the message, background and purpose of each ayah (verse).

Some of the topics covered were;

– Nature of life on the face of the Earth
– Story of Adam and Shayṭān’s rebellion
– Conversation of Shayṭān with God
– Shayṭān’s deception to human beings
– The necessity of being righteous and truthful
– Human collective existence
– Conversation on the day of judgement
– The story of the people of al-A’rāf
– General world order
– Order upon the Earth and its relation to human beings
– Story of Prophet Nuh, his people and the Prophets that came after him

To watch the full series of classes, please click here.

Part Two of Tafsir of Surah al-A’raf will continue later on this year. More details to be released in due course.