“An Analysis of Shaytan’s Strategies and Psychology in the Qur’an”

In this tafsir course, we will be taking a thematic approach to our topic: Analysing Shaytan’s strategies and psychology, by looking holistically at the various ayaat across the different surahs that deal with the subject. Shaytan, is mentioned on nine specific occasions by name – Iblis – in the Qur’an in contexts which touch mostly on two events: his confrontation with the newly-created Adam, resulting in his condemnation, and his revenge on mankind, through the seduction of Adam. The name ‘Shaytan’ additionally appears about fifty times in the Qur’an, to touch on some aspect of his involvement in man’s spiritual life. Through a close reading and interpretation of these holy verses using established tafsir works, we will examine the psychology behind his rebellion and the strategies that he used with our original parents, and continues to use with us, in order to achieve his aims.

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