AMI understands the needs of those living overseas for receiving a thorough grounding in Arabic and Islamic studies for their personal and communal upliftment. Therefore, in addition to the Hawza Programme being available to study in-house for UK and EU students, non-UK & EU students can also study the programme via distance learning through the Institute’s online learning platform.

UK & EU Applicants: Students residing in UK and Europe who wish to study on the Hawza Programme can either apply to study in-house and benefit from applying for a scholarship to support their learning or alternatively, study via distance learning to maintain work and family commitments.

Non-UK & EU Applicants: Students outside the UK and EU can study via distance learning only. Students still receive the same level of support from their instructors as in-house students with weekly office hours slots available for tutorials and email communication for additional support.

Upon successful completion of the first three years of the Hawza Programme, both in-house and virtual students would be eligible to apply for the MA in Islamic Studies programme at University of Birmingham, with or without a BA degree qualification. Post-graduate scholarships are also available for up to three of the best in-house students each year. Find out more here.