Spiritual Retreat 2019 with Shaykh Arif Abdulhussain

19th-24th September

The Spiritual Retreat 2019 with Shaykh Arif Abdulhussain took place in the scenic Kaghan valley North of Pakistan, within a little town called Khanian. With the river running alongside the hotel, it made for an ideal location to hold the retreat. Aside from Pakistan itself, participants came from Hong Kong, Dubai and Africa as well. The days were filled with enlightening talks by Shaykh Arif, coupled with Dhikir conducted by Rezwaneh Khanum, morning Yoga sessions by Nargess Habib, Mindfulness Meditation by Maheen Mohammad, and Art Therapy by Salma Merali, which made for a very wholesome experience. People also got the opportunity to go hiking, river rafting and horse riding. The highlight was of course, the talks by Shaykh Arif, leaving everyone with a lot of food for thought. Some of the participants had beautiful insights to share regarding the retreat.
“Shaykh Arif shares with his audience the true essence of Islam. Most importantly he reiterates the basic principles of leading ones life, and practicing the principles that leads to a peaceful human existence. For me the reflection that Shaykh Arif’s lectures are still upon my heart and soul.” (Shehnaz Ismail)
“Shaykh gave me the map to embark on a journey, and increase the will to finally understand my connection to the Almighty, to stand up with dignity and self respect, to be compassionate and to be curious to understand me and Him through me… ‘and then I met myself’ is my message I took back from the trip.” (Zainab Tufail Arbab).
“Shaykh Arif taught us the beauty in acceptance and humility, and showed us that only by being true to ourselves is inner peace gained. I am forever grateful to Shaykh Arif for his insight and the quest for knowledge that he instilled.” (Zainab Qureshi ).
“The Spiritual Retreat with Shaykh Arif also attracts souls that are so unique that the company of such people itself is a priceless gift. An environment where souls can truly feel liberated to openly speak their heart without judgment, of ideas and thoughts never heard before. A place where the soul feels free to fly and grow. Where lonely souls find friends for life.” (Fatima Agha).

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