Shaykh Tajri Invited to Buddhist Academy

On the afternoon of Friday 4th February, Shaykh Tajri was invited to represent Al-Mahdi Institute on a visit to The Birmingham Buddhist Academy, with a view to building mutual relations.

At The Buddhist Academy, which functions as a monastery, Shaykh Tajri was kindly hosted by the leading monk, The Venerated Dr. Ottara Nyana. The visit included fruitful discussions on shared humanity, as well as some of the challenges faced when building relations between the two religious groups. Shaykh Tajri was given a tour of the premises, which included a visit to the beautiful ‘Peace Pagoda’; a building used by the Buddhist students for worship and meditation practices.

The visit is expected to be the first of a series of mutual exchange visits, through which the two religious institutions can exchange ideas and work on collaborative projects in the future.