Shaykh Tajri Co-Translates a Published Compendium of Prophetic Narrations

Al-Mahdi Institute’s Lecturer in Arabic, Shaykh Muhammed Reza Tajri, has been involved in the translation of yet another important text, into the English Language. Having previously brought a number of successful translations to publication, Shaykh Tajri’s most recent work on this project offers yet another reference work for scholars and students of Islam.

The two-volume publication, by ICAS Press, is a collection of prophetic hadith, which contains narrations and maxims on a wide variety of thematically categorised topics. The work is a translation of the contemporary hadith compendium, Muntakhab Ḥikam Al-Nabī Al-Aʿdham, compiled by the late Mohammed Rayshahri. The narrations have been sourced from classical Shī‘ī and Sunnī sources, and include subjects such as knowledge, the intellect, theology, the afterlife, childrearing, economics, the Companions, and Prophetic medicine.

This bi-lingual publication, which was announced, showcased and sold at The Islamic College’s Eighth Annual Conference, stands as an ideal resource for researchers and scholars of Islam as well as those wishing to gain a greater understanding of the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad. Translated meticulously, it is presented here in an Arabic-English edition with periodic commentary.