Shaykh Arif sheds light on ‘How to live our lives: A religious view on Contemporary Society.’

On the 22nd November 2014, AMI’s Sheikh Arif Abdulhussain attended an Intra-faith conference in Utrecht, Netherlands to shed light on the topic of; ‘How to live our lives: A religious view on Contemporary Society.’

Organised by Desjia; an organisation encouraging Intra-faith discussion in Netherlands and the Al-Mahdi Institute, this was the first Dutch Islamic Intra-faith Sunni-Shia conference with the aim to encourage different Muslims creeds to build mutual respect for each other’s points of view, to reject takfir, and to give meaning and understanding to being a Muslim in contemporary society. The event hosted five speakers who spoke about their vision of life as a Muslim in contemporary society. Amongst the speakers were, Arjen Buitelaar, Hendrik Jan Bakker, Kamel Essabane, Enis Odaci and of course Shaykh Arif AbdulHussain who spoke about ‘Pluralism from an Islamic perspective.’

An abstract of his speech is as follows; ”Look at this wonderful world of God, there are no things that are the same. There are no two are the same thingsthat in this world. It is filled with individuality, no two trees are the same, no two human beings are the same, no two blades of grass are the same. There is nothing but Plurality, beautiful Plurality. But it coexists harmoniously. There is a beautiful reciprocal relationship between everything. Everything accepts the other, appreciates the other, compliments the other and these receives from the other. If that’s the nature with-which God Has created the world, than Surely the nature of God the ought to be the same and the nature or whatever instructions Ir us he HAS to be the same.”

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