Shaykh Arif participates at ”Fatima S.A The lady of Paradise” Bradford University

On Thursday March 17th Shaykh Arif Abulhussain participated at Bradford University Ahlulbayt Islamic Society’s event ”Fatima A.S The lady of Paradise”. The event began at 4pm with Shaykh Arif’s discussion on ‘Womens rights and the relationship between father and daughter’. This was followed by panelist brother Nabil Awan who discussed ‘Analysis of Hadith Al-Kisa and Quran 33:33’. Concluding the short talks by the panelists was an open Q&A in which students, ABSoc members and the public greatly benefitted from.

The event was focused on the relationship between the Prophet (PBUH) and Bibi Fatima S.A, Womens rights in Islam, the Ahl-al Bayt and the importance of Hadith e Kisa. For more information on the event and activities of Bradford University’s Ahlulbayt Islamic Society please click here