Shaykh Arif Abdulhussain participates at ‘Renewing the Covenant’ St Peter’s Church Hall Green

On Saturday 23rd April Shaykh Arif participated at St Peter’s Church Hall Green for the ‘Renewing the Covenant interfaith event’. The event began at 6pm and included the performance of The Achtiname of Muhammed and a panel discussion which included Revd Canon Stephenson, Revd Nijib Boumenjal, Shaykh Arif Abdul-Hussein and the director of Ridhayatullah theatre, Br. Aliabbas Panju. The Panel discussion then closed with a Q&A session which allowed the members of the public to get involved with the experience and ask ant questions they may have. Shaykh Arif’s insights were extremely beneficial and inspiring for those who attended.

The event was focused on The Achtiname of Muhammad which is a document which is a charter or writ ratified by the Islamic Prophet Muhammed granting protection and other privileges to the Christian monks of Saint Catherine’s Monastery. It is sealed with an imprint representing Muhammad’s hand.

The focus of Shaykh Arif’s discussion was Islam’s relationship with other faiths. He mentioned living in peace in a pluralistic society with examples of living alongside the Abrahamic religions in Medina, and at the time of RasulAllah (saaw); this being the original Prophetic/Islamic model. He also brought up the topic of Islam being compatible with the west and why there is no clash of civilisations

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