Shaykh Arif Abdulhussain at ‘Interfaith Peace Blessing’ event

On Saturday 27th February vows to promote ‘love’ and ‘peace’ were renewed by a gathering of people young and old and from all major faiths and religious groups at a historic celebration in Birmingham.

The afternoon event, themed ‘Renewing our family and nations’ was organised by David and Patricia Earle, pictured, a couple who for many years have been promoting tirelessly and selflessly the message of equality, unity, peace and harmony among all.

Shaykh Arif abdulhussain participated in the event with a powerful and emotive speech about unity across faith schools and promoted the growth of human beings to godliness and God-centricity, he stated no matter the faith ”if a person abides by human values and there is God centricity, then they attaining the purpose of Godliness”

Dhiren Katwa of MIDLANDS Asian Voice wrote

“The Interfaith Peace Blessing featured inspirational speeches, presentations, entertainment, awards and refreshments. Guests were sprinkled with holy water and each was given blessed nectar. The same ‘water ceremony’ was performed simultaneously in many parts of the world, an idea of the Universal Peace Federation, a global network of individuals dedicated to achieving world peace, of which the Earles are active members.Speakers included Ugandan-born Sheikh Arif Abdul Hussain, one of the most eloquent, authoritative and powerful speakers I’ve ever met, West Midlands’ Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Cllr Yvonne Mosquito and life coach and teacher Kathleen Roche-Nagi.  The event was held at the Unitarian New Meeting House in Five Ways….”