Senior Citizen’s Visit to Al-Mahdi Institute

The senior citizens of Birmingham visited Al-Mahdi Institute on Tuesday, 28th January 2014. The visit was organised by the senior citizen group of Mehfile Abbas, Birmingham to honour the invitation of Shaykh Arif Abdulhussain. The group consisted of around 55 to 60 members from ladies and gents.

The gathering was initiated by recitation of Hadith-al-Kisa by brother Riaz of Al-Mahdi Institute and Surah al-Yaseen by Mullah Kassam of Birmingham followed by a short speech by Shaykh Arif. In his speech Shaykh expressed his gratitude to the elders of the community for their selfless service, love and guidance provided to the community in general and for their love for the institute in particular addressing them as the parents of the Al-Mahdi institute. Shaykh Arif invited them to visit the institute again in summer when the weather is mild to be able to enjoy the gardens and the premises properly. Shaykh also invited them to use the library of Al-Mahdi institute and expressed his desire to add books in Gujrati for their benefit.

The visit ended with refreshments and tour of the library and premise of the institute. The senior citizens thoroughly enjoyed the visit and showed excitement to come again in summer and blessed the institute to progress and achieve its goals.