Seminar with Dr. Kalbe Sadiq: Intention behind acquiring knowledge

Dr Kalbe Sadiq visited Al-Mahdi Institute on Monday 2ndDecember 2013. During his visit, he participated in a public discussion entitled “Ask Moharram” and engaged with students and staff of Al-Mahdi Institute in an informal discussion. He emphasised to the Hawza students, the importance of having a pure intention in their pursuit of knowledge in response to their question; ‘How important it is to acquire knowledge of Islamic sciences in today’s time?’ Dr. Kalbe Sadiq elaborated on this drawing upon his experiences as an educator and social reformist that knowledge becomes meritorious or unserviceable by the intention behind acquiring that knowledge.

He accentuated to the students that he had full faith in the ability of Shaykh Arif and the course delivered at the Hawza and expressed his desire to visit the institute again to be able to contribute more effectively.

Maulana Dr. Kalbe Sadiq is a leading Shiá Muslim Scholar and  the Vice-President of the All-India Muslim Personal law Board (AIMPLB).  He holds  a Ph.D. in Arabic from Lucknow University and runs a chain of schools and colleges under the umbrella of Tauheedul Muslimeen Trust  in Uttar Pradesh, India.