Scriptural Reasoning

AMI Outreach Officer Farhana Kapasi attended Scriptural Reasoning at the University of Cambridge on 28th August, 2013. This session was organised by Cambridge University Interfaith Programme which brings together an international group of students from Islamic, Christian and Jewish backgrounds, for three-weeks of immersion in inter-faith education and encounter. Students benefit from a series of lectures delivered by specialist academics and peacemakers from around the world; they are given training in the practice of inter-faith Scriptural Reasoning, and are facilitated through a process of teaching one another about aspects of their traditions. The invitation was received in reciprocation of the institute facilitating and hosting the participants of Summer School at Birmingham’s Clifton Road Mosque to observe and witness a Jumm’a (Friday) Congregation Prayer lead by Shaykh Arif Abdulhussain, the director of Al-Mahdi Institute, where he delivered a sermon on understanding and appreciating people of different faiths.

This participation has resulted in the Al-Mahdi Institute initiating and hosting Scriptural Reasoning Sessions in collaboration with the Cambridge University Interfaith Programme.  The institute hopes that this initiative will not only help bridge the illusory gap between religious faiths but also develop new insights of Oneness while reading the sacred scriptures through the eyes of the other. The dates for these sessions will be announced shortly.