Scriptural reasoning at AMI

A group of Christian ministers in training from the Queens Foundation of Ecumenical Theological Studies were hosted at AMI on the 17th of March for a session of scriptural reasoning alongside 3rd year and 2nd year students of Al-Mahdi Institutes Four Year Hawza Programme. Facilitated by Revd. Dr Richard Sudworth and Dr Ali-Reza Bhojani, the students read and discussed pre-selected passages from Muslim and Christian Scriptures as part of a collaborative module on ‘Christian and Muslim approaches to the Common Good’. The session followed AMI’s hosting of Revd. Dr Richard Sudworth for an AMI Research Seminar, and a teaching session conducted by Dr Ali-reza at the Queens Foundation on Muslim approaches to the common good. The open and safe space for scriptural reasoning allowed for vibrant discussions and shared learning identifying many areas of resonance and shared heritage without participants feeling the need to shy away from any differences that emerged from the two traditions. Participants were unanimous in their thanks for each others openness, greatly valuing the deep probing into each others reading of their respective texts and how they related to themes of the common good. The passages examined were Jeremiah 29, Romans 13, Quran 28:77 and a portion of the instructions to Malik Ashtar attributed to Imam Ali (as).