Al-Mahdi Institute publishes research within the following categories:

Monographs exploring aspects of the primary sources and scholarly heritage of Muslim religious thought, with particular emphasis on works whose engagement with tradition is a means to addressing, informing and contributing to the diverse challenges of societies today. Proceedings of workshops, conferences and seminars facilitated by the Institute, including papers emerging from the AMI Contemporary Fiqhi Issue Series. Occasional papers or essays addressing broad themes on the relationship between religion and society, with particular reference to Muslim thought. European language translations of texts that engage with the teachings, doctrines, rituals and scholarly heritage of the School of the Ahl al-Bayt, as well as works which can inform the development of responses to contemporary challenges facing Islam and Muslim thought in the modern world. Translations of scholarly works, engaging with questions of contemporary concern in Muslim thought, into Arabic/Farsi/Urdu.

The Institute publishes works by its own scholars as well as from the academic community. In facilitating these publications, the Institute’s purpose is to encourage original research and analysis of relevant issues that can inform religious thought in modern societies. Original research published by the Institute is subject to a peer review process to ensure quality, whilst recognising the value in allowing the expression of a diverse range of views, ideas and interpretations, and as such the opinions expressed in these publications must be understood as belonging to their authors alone.

The current publications of the Institute’s faculty and academic staff are available for purchase here.