Public Speaking Training with Maria Pattinson

Held over two sessions on the 24th April and 8th May 2017, year two hawza students received public speaking training sessions with Maria Pattinson, an award-winning professional theatre director and practitioner with international experience as a trainer and facilitator of communication in the public and private sector. Maria also delivers training programmes as part of the Muslim Council of Britain’s Leadership Development Programme and is part of the Capacity Building team at World Federation of KSIMC.

The sessions were designed to help students develop their communication skills to prepare them for their public speaking appearances in future. Some of the aspects covered in the training were;

1. How to maintain the attention of your audience during speeches/talks?

2. What is the best way to structure a talk/speech?

3. How to keep your audience entertained during a talk/speech?

4. How to overcome nerves in preparation for a talk/speech?

The students also delivered a 3-5 min talk on any subject to conclude the training.

As part of the Four-year hawza programme, students are not only introduced to the core subjects within the traditional hawza curriculum but are also equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge base to help them pave their way towards academia, leadership, teaching, public speaking and more. Find out more about the hawza programme here.