Practice of charity in different religions

During Ramadhan, on Saturday 2nd July AMI held its annual #AMIBigIftar, inviting people of all faiths and none to participate and experience an Iftar (breaking of the fast) with people of all religious and cultural backgrounds. In keeping with the spirit of the holy month of Ramadhan, the aim of the event was to encourage multi-faith dialogue within a diverse range of faiths and beliefs through talks and poetry discussing the practice of charity in different religions. The event received an impressive turnout of over 170 people of all faiths and none who came together to share the ceremonial breaking of the fast with each other.

Led by Shabbir Abdulhussein, the evening commenced with a beautiful Qur’an recitation by Mr Mohammed Ali, followed talks, poetry, recitals and prayers from the following speakers

The importance of Charity and fasting in Ramadhan’ by Mrs. Sajeda Canani (AMI Student)

The importance of Charity in Christianity’ by Reverend Claire Turner followed by a prayer

The importance of Charity in Hinduism’ by Mr Shrin Honap followed by recital of bhajan by Dr Acharya Yadav Samaj

‘The importance of Charity in Buddhism’ by Mr Yann Lovelock followed by a reading

The importance of Charity in Islam’ by Shaykh Arif Abdulhussein followed by a translation of Quran by Mr Mohammed Ali

The evening drew to a close with closing remarks by Shabbir Abdulhussain who shed light on the spirit of Ramadhan and the activities of Al-Mahdi Institute followed by congregational prayers in AMI gardens, where all were invited to observe or participate and Iftar.