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Syed Wajee Shah

Tutor in Islamic Studies

Syed Wajee obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Religion and Education from St John University, York in 2016. Thereafter, he dedicated a year to studying Persian in Qom, Iran. In 2017, he moved back to the UK and enrolled on AMI’s four-year Hawza Programme which he successfully completed in 2021 with a distinction.

Thereafter in 2022, he enrolled on the MA in Islamic Studies programme at the University of Birmingham and wrote his dissertation on Al-ʿAllāma al-Ṭabāṭabāʿī’s doctrine on divine simplicity.

Currently, he serves as a Research Coordinator at Al-Mahdi Institute, actively contributing to the Department of Islamic Legal Studies. His academic interests lie in analytic philosophy, Qur’anic sciences, legal theory, and Islamic philosophy.



With Sayyid Mustafa Muhaqqiq Damad. “Juristic Principles Governing Family Life,” in Islam and the Institution of Marriage, edited by Katherine Lemons and Laurens de Rooij, 74-86. Birmingham: AMI Press, 2023.

Upcoming publication with Sayyid Fatemi. “The Imāmī Reception of the Qur’an’s Regulative Verses (āyāt al-aḥkām),” in The Regulative Verses in the Quran, edited by Robert Gleave, Devin Stewart, and Sayyid Fatemi. Birmingham: AMI Press.

Syed Wajee Shah (2018), Authentication of the Four Canonical Books. Iqra Online. https://iqraonline.net/authentication-of-the-four-canonical-books/

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