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Ayatollah Professor Rahim Nobahar

Professor of Islamic Legal Studies

Ayatollah Professor Rahim Nobahar is a Senior Lecturer in Islamic Legal Studies at Al-Mahdi Institute and a Professor of Law at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, Iran, where he has taught since 2001. He has previously taught at Mofid University (Qom) and the Ḥawza ʿIlmiyya. He studied at the Ḥawza ʿIlmiyya of Qom between 1980 and 2001, studying a wide array of subjects that make of the curriculum of the Ḥawza. In addition to this, he has a PhD in Criminal Law from Shahid Beheshti University and two LLMs in Law and Criminal Law and Criminology, both from Mofid University. He is the author of a dozen books and numerous academic articles and has presented at several conferences in Iran and around the world. 


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