Jaafar Fadlallah

Dr Sayyid Jaafar Fadlallah

Lecturer in Islamic Legal Studies

Dr Sayyid Jaafar Fadlallah undertook his seminary education at the Islamic Sharīʿa Institute in Beirut between 1993 and 2010, completing his advanced studies (dars al-khārij) under Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah. Alongside his seminary studies, he also obtained undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in sociology from the Lebanese University in Beirut, culminating in a PhD for a thesis on the image of the other in Muslim jurisprudence.  

At the Al-Mahdi Institute, Dr Sayyid Fadlallah is a Lecturer in Islamic Jurisprudence where he teaches a wide range of courses on different topics in Muslim legal thought. In Lebanon, he is also an Instructor of Sociology at the Lebanese University, a Lecturer in Islamic Jurisprudence at the Islamic Sharīʿa Institute, and the General Supervisor of Religious Affairs at the al-Mabarrat Association, amongst other roles.  

He has several publications to his name and has presented his research at academic conferences in Lebanon, the UK, Iraq, Turkey and elsewhere.  


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