Dr Sayyid Jaafar Fadlallah

Lecturer in Islamic Jurisprudence

Dr Sayyid Jaafer Muhammad Hussayn Fadlallah, born in Beirut on June 24th, 1974, is a lecturer of jurisprudence at the Islamic Shari’i Institute in Beirut, Lebanon. He holds a Ph.D. in sociology from the Lebanese University (2015) and is currently a part-time faculty member at the Lebanese University faculty of Social Sciences. He is also currently the supervisor of Religious Affairs at Al-Mabarrat Association. He has several religious publications, published in Arabic, on various topics including Intellectual freedom in the Quran, and interpretation of 40 narrations referenced to Prophet Muhammad (saws). His interests include analyses and interpretations of Quran in relation to social and cultural topics, and Fiqh. He recently started lecturing a class on Quranic Fiqh.


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