Hashim Bata

Dr Hashim Bata

Lecturer in Islamic Legal Studies, Head of the Department of Islamic Legal Studies & Managing Director

Dr Hashim Bata completed his seminary education at the Al-Mahdi Institute in 2008 whilst simultaneously completing a BA (Hons) in Islamic Studies at The Islamic College and Middlesex University. Following an MA in Islam in Contemporary Societies at the University of Warwick, he completed a PhD in Law in 2013, also at the University of Warwick. His PhD involved a detailed examination of Shiʿi legal epistemology with a specific focus on the pivotal role of the authority of certainty (ḥujjiyyat al-qaṭʿ) in Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh).  

Dr Bata is the Managing Director of AMI, the Head of the Department of Islamic Legal Studies, and a Lecturer in Islamic Legal Studies. He is also an Associate Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the University of Birmingham where he teaches Thematic Study of Shi’ism: History, Doctrines and Religious Authority 

His research interests include Islamic legal theory, the history and development of Shiʿism, Islamic theology, and mysticism. His most recent publication is Exploring the Mind of God: An Introduction to Shiʿite Legal Epistemology. 


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