Arif Abdul Hussain

Shaykh Arif Abdul Hussain

Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies & Director of AMI

Shaykh Arif Abdul Hussain founded the Al-Mahdi Institute in 1993 and currently serves as its director and as a Senior Lecturer in Legal Theory and Philosophy. 

Shaykh Arif began his seminary education at the Madrassa al-Sayyid al-Khūʾī in London from which he graduated in 1988. He continued his seminary studies in Qom between 1989 and 1993 during which time he also had the opportunity to study privately under some of the leading scholars of Qom. Upon returning to the UK, after founding AMI, he continued his advanced studies (dars al-khārij) under Ayatollah Hussain Amini. He was awarded an ijāza of ijtihād from both Ayatollah Hussain Amini and Ayatollah Professor Sayyid Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad.  

He is the author of the Islam and God-Centricity series which presents the essential message of Islam through a fresh re-evaluation of religion and human purpose. In addition to these works, he has authored and translated numerous other books and articles. He is currently working on a translation of the second volume of al-Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr famous work of legal theory Durūs fī ʿilm al-uṣūl, having translated the first volume in 2003. 

He is the author and translator of several other works and a prolific public speaker to Muslim communities around the world. He has previously taught at Madrassa al-Sayyid al-Khūʾī, the seminary of Qom, and the Islamic College, London. 




Articles and Chapters 


  • Muḥammad Bāqir al-Ṣadr. Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence: According to Shi’i Law, translated by Arif Abdul Hussain. London: ICAS Press, 2003.
  • Muḥammad Ishtihārdī. Lamentations: The Tragedy of the Lord of the Martyrs, translated by Arif Abdul Hussain, ed. by I. K. A. Howard and S. Valji. Birmingham: Al-Mahdi Institute, 2001. 

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