New LIVE Course on the Sociology of Islam

We are delighted to announce the commencement of a brand new course taught at Al-Mahdi Institute by Dr Laurens de Rooij on the sociology of Islam. This will be a live course taught online on Wednesdays at 8pm, starting on September 13th.

This level one introductory course introduces sociological phenomena and concepts to students and in turn, traces the development of various trends in Islam through a sociological lens. From pre-modern(ist) reform movements, the recent Islamic ‘resurgence’, up to contemporary forms of Islamic spirituality. The evolution of modern and contemporary Muslim thought and practice, will be discussed.

Emphasis will be placed on social and intellectual challenges faced by Muslims today, such as the question of Islam and gender, the situation of Muslims living in the West, and the relationship between Islam and democracy. The course will run for 17 sessions, further information of which will be provided upon registration. Each session will start at 8pm (UK time). Students wishing to join the course should ensure they have access to Microsoft Teams.

Enrol for the Sociology of Islam course.