‘Muslim Engagement in the British Interfaith Community’ Workshop at AMI by Dr Chris Hewer

On Friday 25th November 2016, AMI hosted Dr Chris Hewer for a workshop on Muslim Engagement in the British Interfaith Community. The workshop aimed to provide expert insight on actively engaging with the diverse faith communities and improving skills at level one, as well as introducing more serious perceptions of the subject. Attended by AMI students, faculty, KSIMC Interfaith Committee and interested members of the public, the workshop proved to be a thought provoking, and enlightening evening, benefiting the attendees.

The workshop began with looking at different aspects of our identity such as gender, culture, faith and belief, before introducing interfaith dialogue skills with a number of interactive activities and opportunity for discussion. Dr Chris Hewer discussed the different types of argument, polemic, apologetic and dialogue – when they are used and which is the most beneficial. He also discussed the importance of knowing one’s own faith identity and being able to explain it clearly. Chris discussed the use of empathy as a means of understanding what others are saying because the same word has different meanings between faiths and denominations. The participants took away a number of practical engagement and dialogue skills and the evening ended with the award of certificates for successful participation.

The workshop was led by Dr Chris Hewer, an expert in Muslim-Christian relations and founder of the ‘Understanding Islam’ series. Dr. Hewer comes from a background in Christian theology, education, Islamic studies and inter-faith studies and has worked in the field of Muslims in Britain and Christian-Muslim relations since 1986.

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