Muharram lectures by AMI graduate at the Bohra community – Birmingham

Farhana Kapasi of Al-Mahdi Institute delivered series of talks this Muharram, 2013 in the reformist Bohra Community of Birmingham on the theme of :

“Ones personal journey from Islam to iman to ihsan; returning back to islam/Islam with conviction and submission through the intellect and heart.”

In these talks she discussed about moving from ones particularity to the universality of islam, keeping in mind elements of iman and ihsan, which then allows an individual to actualize islam in its true sense. The lectures were well received and much appreciated by the small but thriving community of Reformist Dawoodi Bohras in Birmingham, who are a part of global reform movement.

Farhana is a graduate of Al – Mahdi Institute and currently serves as Education & Research Secretary and Outreach Officer at AMI.