‘Model Muslim Divorce Service’ Event by MWNUK

On the 14th of January 2015, The Muslim Womens Network UK held a round-table discussion on the topic of; ‘Model Muslim Divorce Service’ to discuss women’s experiences and barriers they face when trying to obtain divorce and the potential solutions to the many issues.

Discussions were productive with input from a wide range of practitioners, scholars form different schools and community activists with a view to identifying challenges facing development of best practice guidelines for Muslim divorce in light of women’s concerns. Representing the Al-Mahdi Institute, Dr Ali-reza Bhojani and Ms Mahdiya Abdulhussain participated in the discussion to put their findings across.
The issues discussed were;
  – Religious criteria for panellists who discuss and decide upon divorce cases
  – What a ‘model’ panel could look like including female representation
  – Transparency of process, procedure and panellists
  – What a good practice divorce process should look like
  – Safeguarding issues
  – Examples of good practice that you are aware of

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