Dr. Haidar Hobballah presents on ‘The Authority of Sharia Law in a New Perspective’ in Oman

Invited by the Omani Cultural Club, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture in the Sultanate of Oman, Dr Haidar Hobballah delivered a lecture on Sunday, 5th May 2024, titled “The Authority of Sharia: Attempting to Rethink the Role of Sharia in the Modern Age.” The lecture, attended by a large number of cultural elites in Oman, addressed his view on the non-comprehensive nature of Sharia and the necessity of engaging reason in lawmaking where Sharia lacks detailed legislation. He called for a reconsideration of the method of jurisprudential interpretation in legislative vacuums and in response to emerging and evolving circumstances. The lecture was followed by a series of discussions.

Additionally, Dr Hobballah participated in an open dialogue at the Cultural Club on Saturday, May 4th, 2024, addressing various contemporary religious thought issues, particularly interdenominational rapprochement and the debate on the relationship between creed and history. He also discussed freedom of thought and belief, among other topics.

Furthermore, the cultural department of the official Oman Radio conducted a cultural dialogue with Dr. Hobballah to discuss how to confront contemporary jurisprudential interpretation challenges in the current phase.