29 January

Muslim Youth Forum

29 January 2014

On the 18th of October 2013, the Al-Mahdi Institute hosted the first ever Muslim Youth Forum in the UK inviting the leaders of approximately 15 different youth societies from around the Midlands. This was an opportunity for them to meet …

20 January

Shaykh Arif’s talk at Issues Group

20 January 2014

Shaykh Arif Abdulhussain, the director of Al-Mahdi Institute gave a talk on Thursday 12 December 2013 to members of the Parish of St. Marry, Selly Oak on “How the success of religion lies in promoting human growth and well-being on the …

15 January

Ask Moharram

15 January 2014

After listening to various lectures every single night during these ten days of Moharram, there may be lots of questions / themes / ideas you are pondering over and would like answer to. We are giving you an opportunity to …

10 January

Majlis-e-Tarheem of Ayatullah Hussain Amini

10 January 2014

On Wednesday,  27th November 2013, Al-Mahdi institute had organised Majlis-e- Tarheem  for late Ayatullah Hussain Amini who was the teacher, guide and mentor of Shaykh Arif Abdulhussain. The majlis was addressed by Shaykh Arif in which he shared his fond memories …