15 March

Time for Change Milad Programme

15 March 2020

Time for Change held a Milad programme at Al-Mahdi Institute to celebrate the birth anniversaries of the holy personalities born in the months of Rajab and Shaban at Al Mahdi Institute. Families enjoyed an afternoon of nasheeds by talented local …

17 February

University of Cambridge hold Intra-Faith Symposium at AMI

17 February 2020

The Centre of Islamic Studies (University of Cambridge) held an Intra-Faith Symposium at Al-Mahdi Institute as part of the Centre’s ‘Beyond Sectarianism’ research project. The year-long project, initiated by  Dr Emanuelle Degli Esposti and funded by the British Academy, aims …

31 January

Call for Papers: “The Regulation of Purity (Ṭahāra) and Impurity (Najāsāt) in Islam: Practical, Socio-Ethical and Theological Implications”

31 January 2020

The 8th Annual Contemporary Fiqhī Issues Workshop, at the Al-Mahdi Institute, seeks to provide a forum for considering the regulations of im/purity (ṭahāra and najāsā) in Islam, in light of their wide-reaching practical, socio-ethical and theological implications. The practical importance …

28 January

Dr Ali-reza Bhojani’s co-edited volume ‘Visions of Sharīʿa: Contemporary Discussions in Shī ͑ī Legal Theory’ published by Brill

28 January 2020

Al-Mahdi Institute is proud to announce the publication of ‘Visions of Sharīʿa: Contemporary Discussions in Shī ͑ī Legal Theory’. Published within Brill’s  Studies in Islamic law and Society series and co-edited by AMI’s  Dr Ali-reza Bhojani, Dr Laurens de Rooij and Prof. Michael Bohlander, the volume includes contributions from a number of …

24 November

Celebrating the Prophet’s Birthday Through Art

24 November 2019

On Sunday 24th November, Time for Change organised a Milad event to celebrate the birth of the blessed Prophet Muhammad at Al-Mahdi Institute. The fun filled programme, brought together 150 people and included theatre productions, poetry, and art displays. As …