25 March

Registration Now Open for the Mysticism and Spirituality Conference

25 March 2024

AMI’s Department of Mysticism and Spirituality is pleased to open registration for their upcoming two-day conference, running from Monday, 22nd April until Tuesday, 23rd April 2024, titled: ‘The Oneness of Being (Waḥdat al-Wujūd): Interpretation, Reception, and Implications‘ convened by Dr …

20 February

Dr Shabana Mir joins AMI as a Visiting Research Fellow

20 February 2024

Dr Shabana Mir is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of Undergraduate Studies at American Islamic College, Chicago. She is the author of the award-winning book and the first ethnography of Muslim American youth Muslim American Women on Campus: …

07 February

Dr Ali Rida Rizek delivers a seminar on the ‘Legal and Hadith disagreements in early Shiʿi thought in the case of Ibn al-Junayd al-Iskāfī’

07 February 2024

On 7th February 2024, Dr Ali Rida Rizek presented a research seminar at AMI entitiled ‘Between Ibn al-Junayd al-Iskāfī and al-Shaykh al-Ṭūsī: Legal disagreement (khilāf) in Early Imami hadith Compendia.’ In his presentation, he spoke about the various tools and …

31 January

Call for Papers: Language and Meaning in Islamic Legal Theory

31 January 2024

The Department of Islamic Legal Studies invites submissions for the 12th annual AMI Contemporary Fiqhī Issues Workshop, hosted by Al-Mahdi Institute (AMI). Over the last decade, the Fiqhī Workshop has focused on contemporary jurisprudential issues, encouraging a multidisciplinary approach and …