If after marriage counselling or other means of resolving marriage problems, you still wish to divorce, please fill out the Talaq application form here.  All Talaq cases are dealt with sensitively on a case by case basis, with the general time-frame being between 6-10 weeks. A standard fee of £500 will have to be paid 3 days prior to the recital of the Talaq.

When completing the application form, you will need to submit the following documents;

  1. A written ‘Request for Divorce’ statement explaining who you want a divorce from and the reasons for it
  2. A copy of your Decree Absolute once civil proceedings are finalised
  3. Identification documents (i.e. passport or driving license)
  4. Contact details of person divorce is sought from (email, phone number and postal request required) so that a formal request of divorce proceedings can be sent.

Once you have submitted the application form with all the above documents and the application has been reviewed, a letter of consent for the talaq is sent to the other party. The other party will have four weeks to respond to the request. Once consent has been sought from both parties, a talaq recital date will be set within four weeks. The talaq recital requires two witnesses and a certificate is then issued.

Should there be any complications in attaining consent or any other issues in the case, the talaq process may take longer depending on the steps to be taken.

Disclaimer: The divorce certificate provided is not a legal document and does not equate to a civil divorce.

Al-Mahdi Institute reserves the right to withdraw from the divorce proceedings at any stage.

For any further queries, please email [email protected] or call 0121 446 5047