Through engagement with inter-faith communities, AMI aims to bridge the gap between Islam and other faith traditions by promoting shared learning and understanding of different faiths and beliefs. By inviting people of all faiths and none to partake in inter-faith events and activities, AMI also hopes to spread the message of peace and oneness taught by the holy Prophet and his impeccable family, to the wider world. Below are the events and activities included within AMI’s inter-faith work..

Inter-Religious Symposia (IRS):

The Inter-Religious Symposia (IRS) brings together religious scholars and academics to address the most pressing issues dealt with by religious communities. By creating a space where scholars can share the variety of beliefs within their religious traditions, we hope to increase appreciation of the ‘other’ and dispel any misunderstandings. Read more

Understanding Islam workshops:

Recognising the importance of improving inter-faith dialogue skills at the grass roots, AMI holds regular workshops open to the general public, with certificates awarded for successful participation. Study days convened by Dr Chris Hewer, founder of the ‘Understanding Islam’ series, have included ‘Muslim Engagement in the British Inter-faith Community’ and ‘Understanding Islam and Christianity’.

AMI Big Iftar:

In keeping with the spirit of the month of Ramadhan, every year AMI hosts the Big Iftar where people of all faiths and none come together to participate in the ceremonial breaking of the fast. The annual event provides the perfect opportunity for members of the local community to learn about each other, make new friends and enjoy some food. Details of our previous Big Iftar events can be viewed here

Inter-faith family fun day:

To cater for all ages, AMI also held an Inter-Faith Family Fun Day to celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, and the birthdate of the blessed Prophet, in association with Penny Appeal.  Children enjoyed an evening of games and face-painting, whilst learning about the importance of unity and raising money for the East Africa crisis appeal.

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