”Ijtihad and Taqlid in the Contemporary World” Symposium at AMI

AMI hosted a symposium on “Ijtihad and Taqlid in the Contemporary World” on 26th – 27th January. The symposium sought collaborative responses to practical contemporary questions surrounding the topic. Invited participants presented on pre-selected themes with a view to outline, test and challenge both traditional and emerging notions of ijtihad and taqlid in the contemporary world. The symposium benefited by the attendance of international research specialists from various educational institutes from around the UK and the globe, and faculty of the Al-Mahdi Institute and other Institutions alike.

The participants who presented at the symposium were; (click title for bio and abstract)

Professor Ayatollah Sayyid Muhaqiq Damad (Shahid Beheshti University) The Collective Ijtihad

Dr Ali Fanaei (Al-Mahdi Institute) The Moral & Epistemic Foundations of Ijtihad and Taqlid

Dr Mohammadreza Kalantari (Royal Holloway, University of London) Ijtihad and Taqlid: Remarks from Early Modern Shiʿism

Syed Hussain Murtaza (Islamic Seminary of Qum) Ijtihad, Authority of Mujtahid

Syed Ali Fadlallah (Bayyinat, Lebanon) Ijtihad and Taqlid in the Contemporary World

Shaykh Arif Abdul Hussain (Al-Mahdi Institute) Taklif an Existential basis for the Dynamic nature of Ijtihad and Taqlid

Shaykh Kumail Rajani (University of Exeter) Sunanullāh al-tashrīʿīyya: Decoding the ‘covered book’

Sayyid Hossein al-Qazwini (Islamic Seminary of Karbala) Collective Ijtihad in Shii Jurisprudence              

Dr Rahim Nobahar (Shahid Beheshti University) The History of Collective Ijtihad: a Shiite Perspective

Professor S M Ghari Fatemi (Al-Mahdi Institute & Shahid Beheshti University) Complying with the most Convenient!

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