History Module Now Available in Urdu by Dr Mohammad Khalid

Currently taught in English as part of AMI’s hawza programme, the Pre-Islamic History and History of Prophet Mohammad (HISONE) module is now being taught in Urdu by Dr Mohammad Khalid. Using a virtual communication platform such as Skype, the class is being taught over a 17 week period and is delivered online to a group of 16-18 year old females.

The module is offered to Batool Centre, founded by the Hussain Trust, Pakistan, to empower women in the modern society with knowledge and to help them become the torch-bearers of Islamic morals and principles. The centre also provides a four-year hawza course for women with the aim to produce highly intellectual, moderate and progressive religious scholars, who not only possess great insight in to Islamic knowledge and practices but also preach these to others. For more information on the Hussain Trust, please click here.

Taught by Dr Mohammad Khalid, a well-known community leader and director of the Centre for Intra-Muslim studies (CIMS), the module aims to cover the following topics;

1. History as a science- Approach and methodology
2. Sources of History- Introduction and characteristics
3. A critical analytical review of the major sources of Muslim history
4. Ancient history of Arabia including Jahiliyyah
5. History of the Quraish and introduction to the genealogy of the holy Prophet
6. Life of the Prophet before Dawah
7. Life after Dawah- History of dawah and persecution
8. An account pertaining to the two prominent hijrahs- Habashah and Yathrib
9. Establishment of Muakhah (Brotherhood) and the establishment of the institution of Mosque
10. The Treaty of Madinah and the lesson related to it
11. Concept and conditions of Jihad
12. An overview of the battles and ghazwat of the Holy Prophet
13. Treaty of Hudaybiyah and its far-reaching effects
14. Mission of Dawah and Hikmah
15. Conquest of Makkah and afterwards
16. Farewell Hajj, Khutbah, ghadir and incident of Qirtas
17. Final phase of the life of the Prophet