Haji Mohammad Khaki Scholarship Award 2015

The 2015 award for the Haji Mohammad Khaki scholarship was awarded to Miss Mansoureh Ghari Seyed Fatemi. An MSc graduate in Pharmacy from the University of Manchester with a keen interest in current affairs, philosophical debates and art.  Mansoureh has also been responsible for leading many charity and communal events with the goal of impacting the community positively.

“Given my interest and committed need to understand the depth of my beliefs in an insightful and academic manner, I see this Hawza program as the most suitable and apt for me. Through my thorough research and discussions with the teachers of the institute, I have no doubt about my desire to embark on this journey. I am honoured and pleased for being granted with the opportunity to embark on the hawza program with the aid of the HMK scholarship scheme. My background has primarily been focused in sciences; I graduated with a pharmacy degree in 2014 and have been working part time for the past year. Having a keen interest in current affairs, philosophical debates and art, I spend my spare time participating in related activities and other similar academic endeavours; reading a wide range of literature on topics such as geopolitics, ethics, psychology, spirituality and cultural diversity. I am open-minded, and generally have a positive outlook on life and take a considerate and compassionate approach to others I encounter with a kind and thoughtful libertarian disposition.”

Having been awarded the Haji Mohammad Khaki scholarship in 2014, Mrs Hannah Smith has continued her studies at Al-Mahdi Institute and is now in the second year of the Four-year Hawza Programme. Hannah holds an undergraduate MSci in Geophysics from Imperial College London, a Masters degree in Geophysics from the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor and a PGCE in Secondary Science Education from the Institute of Education in London. She has also worked with the Muslim convert community, authored dozens of articles on Islam, Science, Culture and Politics.

“I am very grateful to the Haji Khaki Foundation and Al-Mahdi Institute for giving me the opportunity to embark upon my dream to study Islam formally. The scholarship has provided the security for me to study, while also supporting me in pursuing my outside interests in Muslim community development.”