Meet our international faculty team comprised of scholars who have received the highest level of training in both traditional and western academic settings.

Arif Abdul Hussain

Shaykh Arif Abdul Hussain

Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies & Director of AMI
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Ayatollah Professor Rahim Nobahar

Professor of Islamic Legal Studies
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Professor Seyed Mohammad Ghari S Fatemi

Professor of Comparative Human Rights and Islamic Studies & Head of the Department of Quranic Studies
Ali Fanaei

Professor Ali Fanaei

Professor of Islamic Studies
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Dr Haidar Hobballah

Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies & Head of the Department of Hadith and History
Jaafar Fadlallah

Dr Sayyid Jaafar Fadlallah

Lecturer in Islamic Legal Studies
Hashim Bata

Dr Hashim Bata

Lecturer in Islamic Legal Studies, Head of the Department of Islamic Legal Studies & Managing Director
Ali-Reza Bhojani

Dr Ali Reza Bhojani

Associate Research Fellow
Nazmina Dhanji

Nazmina Dhanji

Associate Lecturer in Islamic Studies
Wahid Amin

Dr Wahid Amin

Lecturer in Islamic Philosophy, Head of the Department of Philosophy and Theology & Head of Publications at AMI Press
Muhammad Reza Tajri

Dr Muhammed Reza Tajri

Lecturer in Arabic & Head of the department of the Study of Comparative Religions
Riaz Walji

Shaykh Mohamed-Riaz Walji

Tutor in Islamic Studies

Dr Zoheir Ali Esmail

Lecturer in Islamic Mysticism & Head of the Department of Mysticism and Spirituality
Mahdiya Jaffer

Mahdiyah Jaffer

Tutor in Islamic Studies
Ali Raza Khaki

Shaykh Ali Raza Khaki

Lecturer in Islamic Studies
wajee new

Syed Wajee Shah

Tutor in Islamic Studies

Professor Gholamreza Aavani

Associate Lecturer in the Philosophy of Rumi
Dr Mostafa Movahedifar

Dr Mostafa Movahedifar

Associate Research Fellow
Dr Laurens de Rooij

Dr Laurens de Rooij

Associate Lecturer in the Sociology of Islam