Understanding Islamophobia in Today’s Britain: manifestations and responses?

On 17th December 2015, Dr Chris Allen of Birmingham University presented his research on the topic of ‘Understanding Islamophobia in Today’s Britain’. The seminar was attended by AMI students, faculty and many interested members of the public.

Dr Chris Allen is a Lecturer in the School of Social Policy at Birmingham University and author of ‘Islamophobia’, a widely acclaimed report challenging perceptions of Muslim communities following the Birmingham riots. He has worked with the House of Lords Select Committee on Religious Offences, the All party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia & Anti-Muslim Hate Crime, as well as the Equality & Human Rights Commission. You can find out more about him by clicking here.

In his seminar Chris Allen begins by looking at ways of defining and understanding Islamophobia. He traces its historical evolution to the present day, considering the impact of recent events and their aftermath especially in the wake of the events of September 11, before trying to understand and comprehend a wider conception of the phenomenon. A series of investigations thematically consider the role of the media, the contemporary positioning of Muslims throughout the world, and whether Islamophobia can be seen to be a continuum of historical anti-Muslimism or anti-Islamism, or whether Islamophobia is an entirely modern concept. The issue of Islamophobia is considered from the perspective of the local, regional, and global, with the use of many impacting images from the media.

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Dr Chris Allen (University of Birmingham)