“Islam and Evolution” by Dr Shoaib Ahmed Malik

Al-Mahdi Institute will host Dr Shoaib Ahmed Malik on Wednesday 1st of March for a research seminar on Islam and Evolution. The seminar will be in-house at the Al-Mahdi Institute (year 2 classroom) and will run from 3pm to 4.30pm, consisting of a 30 – 40 minute presentation by Dr Shoaib Malik, followed by a Q&A.


The discussion of Islam and evolution is one of the most pressing concerns for Muslims at the interface of Islam and science. Evolution claims that all biological life is historically interconnected and can be mapped onto a ‘tree of life.’ This seems to conflict with several scripture inferences. Furthermore, some have taken Darwinism, which is the idea that evolution works through natural selection and random mutations, to claim that there is no room for God and that evolution is a blind mechanism with no clear foresight, which also runs against Islamic sensitivities. How have Muslims responded to this idea? Why is this topic so polarising in the Muslim community? This seminar aims to address these questions by providing an overview of the landscape.

Speaker Bio

Dr Shoaib Ahmed Malik is Assistant Professor at Zayed University in Dubai. He obtained his BEng in Chemical Engineering as the top graduate in the cohort from the University of Bath. He then went on to do a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nottingham. He recently obtained a PGCE from the University of Nottingham and an MSc in Philosophy of Science and Religion from the University of Edinburgh. He is currently doing a religious seminary program at Al Balagh Academy. His research has shifted entirely to the realms of atheism, science and religion, and Islamic theology. He has published articles in international journals such as Zygon and Philosophy. He has book chapters with academic publishers such as Cambridge University Press and Palgrave. He published a short monograph on Atheism and Islam with Kalam Research and Media and has a full monograph out with Routledge’s Science and Religion series on the topic of Islam and Evolution. He is currently working on a monograph called Islam and Science: A Sunni Kalamic Framework and an edited volume called Eight Classical Perspectives for Islam and Science, both of which will be coming out with Routledge, among other books related to Islam and Science.

Please note that the session will be recorded and published on Al-Mahdi Institute’s YouTube channel.