Philosophy of Dua – Ramadhan 2019

During the blessed month of Ramadan, AMI hosted a series of events on the topic of the philosophy of dua (supplication). This included a Dua Kumayl program with recitation by AMI student Mateen Noori followed by a talk by Shaykh Arif Abdul Hussain and iftar. Another two late night programs consisted of lectures and guided dhikr sessions, ending with suhoor.

Shaykh Arif Abdul-Hussain spoke of dua as an intimate and genuine form of communication with God where an individual is not constrained by formalities. Dua, goes far beyond the rote recitation of prescribed supplications and is a means to attaining God Himself.

The guided dhikr sessions gave an opportunity to clear the busy mind from all the stresses of the day and focus through the chanting of the names of God. “And surely through the remembrance of God, the hearts find peace.”




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