Creating a City of Peace and Remembrance Interfaith Service

On Saturday 8th June Al-Mahdi Institute hosted an Interfaith Service welcoming over 160 people organised by the Universal Peace Federation on the topic of “Creating a City of Peace Together” whilst remembering the victims of the Christchurch shooting and Sri Lanka bombing. Searching for peace in an increasingly divided world, faith leaders from different traditions came together with politicians, community leaders and people from the grassroots in a show of unity and peacemaking. Talks were given by various representatives including Shaykh Nuru Mohammed (Khoja Shia Community of Birmingham), Rt Hon Anthea McIntyre MEP (West Midlands Together), Jatinder Birdi (Co-Chair of Interfaith Network UK) and Dr David Earle (Universal Peace Federation). Religious devotions were also offered from Hindu, Jain, Christian, Muslim and Sikh traditions.

Sh. Mahmood Dhalla of AMI introduced Al-Mahdi Institute’s activities, its long-term commitment to outreach activities and ethos to the gathering, also drawing from the Qur’an and poetry. Reflecting on AMI’s activities, Dr Peter Rookes (Secretary of Birmingham Council of Faiths) addressed the assembly commenting that “the ethos was great prior to Al-Mahdi Institute moving into the premises and that it was even greater now.” It was a positive atmosphere with genuine conversations and appreciation of the event which brought together individuals from different communities with the shared objective of creating a world of peace and compassion. The event ended with refreshments with an opportunity of making new friendships and strengthening old ones.

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