Dr Sayyed Jaafar Fadhlallah, son of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadhlallah, visits Al-Mahdi Institute

Currently on a visiting research fellowship at Al-Mahdi Institute; Dr Sayyed Jaafar Fadhlallah, son of late Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadhlallah, has been actively involved in AMI’s events and activities whilst also teaching on the Four-year Hawza programme. During his stay, Sayyid Fadhallah has been teaching a variety of Fiqh and Usul modules to our year 2 and 3 students and has also been facilitating regular mubahitha (discussion) sessions with students to assist with their research work.

Aside from this, he delivered a Friday sermon at AMI (see video below) on the relationship between man and is Lord. He also participated in the Shia Scholars Forum’s discussion on ‘Karbala in the midst of History and Narrative: Typology of Genres of Maqatil’ at AMI on 14th October 2017.

Sayyid Jaafer Fadhlallah was born in Beirut on June 24th 1974. He holds a Master’s certificate in Sociology from the Lebanese University (2001) and has also recently obtained a PhD in Sociology in 2016. He has been a lecturer of jurisprudence at the Islamic Shar’i Institute, Lebanon since 1999 and currently holds the position of General Religious Supervisor to a benevolent charitable organisation. He has also participated in AMI’s 3rd Annual contemporary fiqhi issues workshop on ‘Family law in Islam; between the demands of fiqh and society’ in 2015, presenting a paper on the ‘Qur’anic Precepts for Family Relations’