Dr Chris Hewer sheds light on ‘Understanding Islam’

On Saturday the 2nd August 2014, The Al-Mahdi Institute held an ‘Understanding Islam’ public workshop with world renowned Dr Chris Hewer. The workshop was specifically designed for Madras’ah and Supplementary School teachers who are the driving force behind change for the upcoming generations. However, the workshop was also open to any interested individuals looking to gain valuable knowledge from Dr Chris Hewer.

With over thirty years experience in educating people to understand Islam, Dr Chris Hewer has been delivering lectures in person and on Television specifically for adults and has thousands of followers around the UK and in Europe. Coming from a background of Christian theology, education, Islamic studies and Inter-faith studies, he has devoted his life to Christian-Muslim relations since 1986. With experience of an Inter-faith relations advisor for the Bishop of Birmingham, and at countless Institutions in London, his current work is to conduct study days, residential courses and to develop written and electronic resources available for consultations.

The study workshop held at Al-Mahdi Institute enabled students to reflect on methods of seeking knowledge and to understand Islam in order to enhance their own understanding and the impact of it on the society. Topics covered included;

– Taking stock of where we are

– Setting out the big themes of Islam

– Seeking to understand the practices of Islam

– The jihad of living as a Muslim in Britain today

The next ‘Understanding Islam’ workshop with Dr Chris Hewer will be on Saturday 13th September 2014 from 9am to 5pm at the Al-Mahdi Institute. To register or for further information, please contact Farhana Kapasi on [email protected]