Dr Ali-reza Bhojani’s article published in CMCS Research Briefings

In light of the recent tragic events in Paris in January 2015, The Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies (CMCS) published their third edition of CMCS Research Briefings on the theme of; ‘Ethics and Law: Christian-Muslim Encounters.’ These events yet again highlighted the urgent need to understand the relationship between religion, law and ethics.

Included within it are three articles summarising the papers presented at CMCS Seminars in Autumn 2014. The articles included are;

‘Negotiating Apostasy: Applying to ‘Leave Islam’ in Malaysia’by Dr Mohammad al Adib Samuri and Dr Muzammil Quraishi.

‘Freedom of Religion and Apostasy: A Muslim Perspective’ by Dr Musharraf Hussain

‘Moral Rationalism, Shari’a and the Common Good’ by Dr Ali-reza Bhojani

For the full summary of Dr Ali-reza Bhojani’s Seminar, please click here.

For more information on CMCS Seminars and to view the PDF of the publication, please click here.